Authorized vs Delegated Official for Medicare

Have you completed a Medicare application or revalidation? If so, you have come across the titles of Authorized and Delegated Official. Do you know the difference between the two and was your application completed correctly?

An Authorized Official is given legal authorization by an organization to enroll them in Medicare or to make changes on their behalf. The Authorized Official can be the owner of the group, a chairman of the board, or a partner in the group. They have signing power for all Medicare forms for the initial application and for all changes in the future.

The Delegated Official is granted authority by the Authorized Official to make changes to the group’s Medicare application. This individual can have ownership or control interest in the group, or they can be a W-2 managing employee. The Delegated Official has no signing privileges for initial and revalidation applications. All forms must be sent to the Authorized Official for signature. However, the delegated official can sign forms for simple updates and changes to an application.

t 1st Assistant Credentialing, we can help you work out the details and make sure your application is correct. If you are up for revalidation, we will go over everything with you to find out if any organization changes have taken place and see if new Officials need to be assigned to their proper place.