Do more Physicians prefer Single – Payer?

According to a recent LinkedIn survey, nearly half of the responding providers said they would support a single – payer healthcare system for everyone. The number one reason providers are willing to make the switch is because of the administrative hassle when working with multiple insurance companies. Each company has their own rules, billing procedures, credentialing issues, etc. Many patients do not stay with one carrier for an extended amount of time, therefore creating issues of continuity. Providers and their staff are spending on average four more hours per week on the phone with insurance companies. As a consequence of that, small practices are hiring more support staff to take care of the high demand insurance companies are placing on them whether it be for billing/claims, approvals, and denials, or credentialing needs. Practices are losing profits more than ever because of inconsistent requirements across the payer mix. How do you feel about a single – payer system? How would this affect your practice?

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