Arizona Bill Forces Speeding Up for Health Plans To Credential Providers


Last month, the Arizona legislature unanimously passed HB2322 and Governor Doug Ducey signed it into law shortly after. 

The bill ensures that insurance firms complete the process to credential physicians, including loading the providers into their systems, in a more timely fashion. The legislation was supported by the Health System Alliance of Arizona, the Arizona Osteopathic Medical Association, the Arizona Medical Association and the Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association.

Prior to the passage of this bill, health care providers undergoing the credentialing process faced delays of up to 9 months or more. Significant delays like these created reimbursement shortfalls for physicians and specialist referral gaps. The wait also placed hospitals at a competitive disadvantage when recruiting out-of-state physicians, especially when the credentialing and loading processes worked more efficiently elsewhere.

With HB2322, both processes – verifying the education and qualifications of physicians who want to contract in their plans and loading the doctors’ contract data into their billing system – must be completed in 100 days or less.

The bottom result of this maximum time requirement ensures that patients may be treated in a more timely fashion.

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